What can we do to help you? MP Payroll Solutions help you?

What can we do to help you? MP Payroll Solutions help you?

We offer an full-time outsourced payroll solution that was specifically designed to save you your time as well as money. Our service is usually accessible remotely, either through using our Bureau software or via the phone. That is regardless of the location you’re in within the UK we can design an individual solution for you and effectively communicate and help you navigate the procedure.

How can you stay clear of Seven Payroll Pitfalls?

Through the decades, MP Payroll Solutions have offered outsourcing payroll solutions to a variety of businesses across the UK. We have lots of knowledge about identifying payroll errors that small businesses make and the way to correct these issues. The goal of this article is to assist businesses in avoiding the 7 common payroll mistakes. From our perspective it appears that SME businesses are guilty of the following important payroll errors:

Payroll personnel who are correct

Insufficient technical payroll expertise is a frequent issue. For instance, payroll workers who are not familiar with the internal payroll system could result in errors in the payroll process. So, proper education and outsourcing payroll will prevent any crucial error in the payroll process.


HMRC demands that employers provide period payroll documents specifically RTI and to keep track of tax and national insurance at the source. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always occur and, as a result employers find themselves in arrears for statutory payments. Employers are also able to get the tax codes notifications directly from HMRC and they are also not done. This means that you could have unhappy employees as they may find themselves underpaying tax.

Staying up to date in line with UK legislation

It is never too late to review HMRC legislation to be considered and making sure that any changes are made promptly. In the event of a delay, it could have grave consequences. Furthermore due to the upcoming the GDPR it’s imperative for employers to adhere to the most recent GDPR regulations. Due to the non-compliance with GDPR legal action can have pursued.

Configuring the infrastructure for IT

Small businesses are prone to not backup their payroll systems as it’s costly. Thus problems with payroll systems are very difficult to solve. Any payroll backup must have stored both on-site and offsite.

Contingency plan

What is the procedure for ensuring that the business can continue to operate in the situation of a fire, or other natural disaster? What happens when systems are down or staff members suddenly depart? A contingency plan can keep these scenarios from happening.

The cost is under-estimated

Small businesses underestimate the amount of money needed to establish as well as manage an internal payroll. The infrastructure for the technical side is costly and the training of employees can be expensive. Check out: How much does payroll outsourcing cost? In addition, making these payroll errors could result in costly penalties that can ruin any small company.


In most cases the payroll function is an independent function , and employees are caught between HR and finance. This creates a lot of confusion for the payroll department and, as a result results in employees being disoriented and even demoralized. It is important to know where payroll falls within your company and to whom does it have to report to.

So what’s the best solution to all of these?

There is no need to worry about the seven Payroll Pitfalls when you outsource all of your payroll to the MP Payroll Solution! All of the issues above are solved because the MP Payroll Solutions is CIPP (PAS) Accredited. Therefore, we are able to provide all of the above covered , with complete procedures to deal with any issues that a payroll company might confront.

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