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One of the most crucial HMRC/Tax statement that you will ever need is your P45 document. If you are just starting out a new job in the UK, you better assemble all the important statement. That’s because your new employer needs your P45 statement for verifying your tax code. In case you don’t present this important document to your new employer, you may end up paying taxes in excess. This happens because your employer has used an emergency tax code instead of your correct tax code. So why take chances?

We always tell our customers to keep their important documents in a safe place. But you never know, things might just happen without a warning. People mostly misplace their documents when moving to another place. We have customers who recently moved and have lost P45 statement and other related tax information. They have been looking for it and have no clue where the documents might be.

In cases like that you can just get a P45  Novelty Bank statement is here to help you with that. We know the frustration that losing your P45 can cause; especially when it’s urgently needed. You will come across a lot of novelty items being sold online. But if you are looking for a genuine-looking novelty P45 document, then you have come at the right place

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Novelty Bank Statement will make just the right P45 copy for you. A replica or Novelty P45 Statement shows how much tax you’ve paid on your salary so far in the tax year. We include all related information in your Novelty P45 and strive to make it look just like original P45 Statement.

If you are wondering how to get a P45 Statement made, then you must follow a few easy steps to place your order. You are first required to select a P45 template design of your choice or one that fits your specifications. If for instance, your required design isn’t available with us, you can always contact our team and they will provide you with the required design template. To complete your order, you must fill in the P45 form. You can have easy access to P45 online form available at our website. P45 form download option is given to acquire the P45 form PDF version. To avoid mistakes and delays, the form must be filled in correctly and all asked details must be provided. After filling in the form, it has to be submitted for further processing.

It is important that you are the authentic owner of the Statements that you provide while submitting the form and also responsible for related legitimate identity details for us to process your replica or copy of P45 Statement. You can also check out our FAQs section for queries related to “how do I get a copy of my P45?” and get related information and guidance. Any changes or modifications can be adjusted to match our customers’ requirements before the final Statement is sent for processing.

These novelty P45 Statements are provided with a front as well as a back page and look just like original P45 UK Statements. The Statements are not specified as sample or specimen bank statements. The responsible usage of these novelty Statements is totally up to the user. You can access your novelty P45 Statement online without any problem.ovelty. The printed copy is created on top-quality 100 gsm paper. The words “specimen” or “sample” will never be mentioned on your P45 Statement, either hard copy or digital version. Both copies will look just like real Statements.

The replica P45 Statements are handed over to our customers through a process of discretion which is used during both ordering and check-out phases. This keeps the information confidential. These Novelty Statements are intended to be used only for novelty reasons. The client must take responsibility of honest use of their replica Statement. The Statements are designed to be used for personal, educational or entertainment reasons. They must not under any circumstance be used for illegal purposes.

There are a lot of reasons for why you should get your Novelty P45 Statement made. One reasons is, it can serve as a copy of your lost P45 Statement. You may need these useful Statement(s) anytime so it’s better to purchase your Novelty Statement instead of worrying about “I have lost my P45 Statement, what will my employer do about it?” and “how do I get my P45 now?” These days people have full access to online Statement purchasing facilities. Put an end to uncalled worries. Novelty Bank Statement can resolve all such issues and give you your peace of mind back.

These Statements can be used as gag gifts for pulling off light pranks on your friends and family. The Statements look so original that no one can point out if you intended to joke around with them. On a lighter note, you can also use your fake P45 to brag in front of your friends if you haven’t seen them for a long some time. People won’t have the slightest clue about the authenticity of your novelty Statement. In addition to this, you can use your replica P45 Statement in situations which require authentic looking Statements. For example, during stage performances. If small details appear original, they always grab the audience attention and create a realistic impression. This can inspire the audience and also put a positive impact of the overall performance on spectators. Another important novelty purpose of these tax Statements is their use as fake realistic prop in presentations where presenters don’t wish to show their private or personal information to people. Your fake tax Statements can help you out in these situations.

People who purchase novelty P45 Statements from Novelty Bank Statement never have to worry about how authentic or real the Statement looks like. At Novelty Bank Statement we are fully committed with our customers providing the best quality possible for your Novelty.

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