What is Human Resource Management and how to become an HR

What is Human Resource Management and how to become an HR

Human resources encompass all employees of an organisation. It could be a workshop or a giant corporation or a government office. The department that handles human resources is known as the Human resources department , or in the short form Human resources. It is usually referred to as HR.

There are three main sources that the company must have to be functioning.

  1. Financial resources
  2. Materials resources
  3. Human resource

Human Resources is the term used to describe Human Resources is the modern method of referring to the people, employees and workers, teams as well as the workforce and colleagues of a company or workplace. These terms have evolved in the context of modern management of the human resource and workforce for all organisations.

The development of the term from human resources to personnel which is also known as HR, isn’t a straightforward semantic process. Furthermore the difference is in the role that is handled by HR. There is no longer paying and benefits administration.

The development began with the realization that people have the primary source of the three previously mentioned. You might have the funds and row equipment or materials you require. But nothing will have accomplished in your business without the employees have required to make use of the other two sources.

What is the history behind how the Term”Human Resources” Evolved

The usage of the term human resources was first used in the 1960s and it has utilized in various languages as well to refer to the employees. As well as all aspects related to human resource management.

Although it is an international word that has translated into various languages. Some are not happy with the usage of the word resource for human beings. And not just to refer to material resources.

The workplace is evolving as are the terms we use to define our coworkers and employees as associates, or members of the team members in the organization. This shift in the way we define Human Resources is due to treating all of our colleagues equally valuable.


It is a reflection of the spirit of equality that is prevalent in the workplace today. No matter what rank they are all equally important as the other team members. The top-ranked team members depend on the lowest levels to perform a flawless job , so they’ll be able to perform their top-ranked work.

If the janitor fails to maintain the cleanliness of the office and tidy. The CEO will have left with no place to clean and could need to shut down the office of someone else for a time. While if the bathroom is not clean enough for use, how will people be able to work?


The Other Meaning of Human Resources


The department within the organisation which has responsible for everything connected to the management of people. Because we refer to as human resources has known as the Human Resources office or department.

The idea of investing in equipment and facilities but not investing in the people who will have required to ensure that the business is running smoothly. And meet your goals as stated in your business strategy will not be a good idea. Hire people and then train them, beginning with a salary and satisfaction onboarding as well as encouraging, engaging, and managing and developing their careers in order to keep them for a long period of time, working and growing in your business.

The investment you make in your HR department is most vital factors to meeting your objectives. In this department, you can find the most suitable employees to join your team to train them, and maintain their spirits high as part of a team, who have committed to helping your business to grow, and allow them to grow as well. The HR department is responsible to create the most effective workforce for your company.

HR is not directly accountable for the results of your business. Therefore you may have employees or low-level managers as well as middle managers running the business. But who is the person who hired them? The HR division is the human resource builder.

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