Learn how to create a Successful Employee Recognition Program

Learn how to create a Successful Employee Recognition Program

As an employer, you know that one of your most important responsibilities is recognizing and rewarding your employees for their hard work. An employee recognition program can go a long way toward motivating your staff to keep up the good work. It’s simple: show employees that you appreciate their efforts with timely praise, awards. Or bonuses and they will be more motivated to work harder and stay at your company longer.

Here are 10 proven ways to recognize employees:

  1. Say “thank you.” Little things go a long way toward motivating employees and encouraging them to continue going the extra mile. Thanking your employees for their added effort, hard work, and commitment can mean a lot more than a pay raise or bonus. In fact, most employees say they would prefer to receive more recognition. Throughout the work day rather than promotions and salary increases.
  2. Make it personal. also personally sends handwritten thank. You notes to every person who goes above and beyond the call of duty for an internal customer (i.e., someone within their own company).
  3. Say “job well done.” Don’t forget to reward employees when they do good work, not just when they screw up or miss a deadline.
  4. Recognize milestones in an employee’s career or personal life. When they get married, have a baby, buy their first house, land their dream job, etc., take the time to congratulate them on these special days.
  5. Give out awards for excellence or achievement. Give out certificates and pins with catchy phrases or slogans.
  6. Design contests or games around your product or service. Have the winning entry incorporated into internal branding, advertisements, etc.
  7. Honor high achievers with a company-wide “ceremony.” Present awards to teams and individuals who have gone above and beyond for an internal customer or client. All employees can participate by nominating deserving co-workers.
  8. Surprise employees with random gifts or bonuses. Surprise an employee for their work on a special project, not just when they reach the end of it.
  9. Invite employees to lunch or happy hour to recognize them in person or “catch up.” Catch up with an employee about personal or professional matters, not just to talk about their job.
  10. Show employees that you care about them as individuals by learning a little bit each week about what they’re doing in life both inside and outside of work. Send birthday cards or get-well cards to sick employees. Find out where someone is going on vacation and send a welcome-home gift, etc.
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